Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FHA Giving Buyers Until October 4th

View ImageThe Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is giving homeowners and buyers until October 4 to lock in a low monthly insurance premium. After October 4, the monthly insurance premiums on FHA loans will increase by over 63%.

What does this mean for home buyers?
A home buyer purchasing a $200,000 home using a $193,000 FHA mortgage before October 4 would pay an insurance premium of $88.46 per month. If the same home buyer waits until after October 4, the insurance premium would jump to $148.01.

Although the upfront mortgage insurance premium is going down after October 4, the long term impact to the home buyer is actually a net increase in their out of pocket costs because the monthly premium is going up by 63%. Sellers can pay the upfront premium or it can be financed into the loan amount, so homebuyers rarely pay the upfront premium out of pocket. On the other hand, the increase in the monthly premiums will be paid right out of the home buyer's pocket with their mortgage payment each month.

Home buyers in a home short term may actually benefit
Ironically, home buyers who plan to be in the mortgage for less than three years and decide to pay the upfront fee themselves (instead of having the seller pay it for them), may actually save money by waiting until after October 4 to apply for an FHA loan.

The upfront premium will be reduced to 1% from 2.25%. This change will impact over 30% of the home buyers in today's market who use FHA-insured financing.

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